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We enjoy capturing live performances of bands, The first band, was capturing a friend of ours, Joe Donato and his band, The Remedy performing at Mussels Bar in the Revel casino. As a side note was our favorite casino and hotel in Atlantic City.

One of my favorite videos was of the Humdiggers at the Fort Pierce, Florida Farmer's Market. They were performing the Bangles song, Walk Like An Egyptian. The funny thing is, I never really liked the song, but I like their performance.

Since we don't want to interfere with the people enjoying the performance we are always editing the video, to remove people that walk in front the camera. But its all part of the job.

We supply you with a videos or photos that meets the requirements of the contract, and Infinite Wisdom keeps all copyrights for all videos and photos.

We are now scheduling for the summer season in New Jersey.
So if you like our work, and need a video for your band, company or event. All we ask is that you, KEEP US IN MINE.

It is your responsibility to get any permissions, insurance and anything else required to shoot at your location.

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